Latino Chamber Music Festival

The 2019 Seattle Chamber Music Festival will present music composed and performed by Latinx musicians at three evening events consisting of chamber music performances by ensembles of varying sizes. The Festival will demonstrate that music can serve as a bridge, diminishing differences, promoting understanding and inclusion as well as connecting diverse audiences and participants, thereby building the confidence of marginalized community members and contributing to the growth of individuals and social well-being in general. This project will offer vibrant, educational, cultural, and musical experiences that foster intercultural understanding in both mainstream and under-served communities. Attendees will benefit from experiencing Latinx artists and composers as models from the Latinx culture, who value sensitivity, respect, and appreciation for cultural differences and commonalities. The festival will recognize the beauty, value, and importance as well as the significant contributions of the Latino musical arts and culture to our community. As a result, Latinx community members, young and old, will experience a sense of inclusion and pride which will foster confidence, commitment, and engagement in community life.

Each evening concert will present three ensembles, performing classical pieces composed and/or performed by professional Latinx artists. Admission will be free at diverse venues city-wide with seating for 150-350 attendees. After each concert, guest artists and organizers will participate in a question-and-answer session with interested audience members, focusing on the origins and importance of Latino music and culture, especially as it relates to the Seattle community.

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